George SlimWe have an alert on George Slim. He worked for us here at Ripoffrepairs. He took files that did not belong to him. He has disconnected his phone number but his email is and we think he may have moved to Arizona. We are offering a reward for anyone finding him. His picture is attached. He is not to be trusted as he took records that simply did not belong to him. He works as a tech and support person. He has lived in Panama City Panama he has lived in Idaho and in NY for some time. Do not let him be in charge of records or other data because if he gets angry he will take them and try to use them against you.

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My unfortunate experience with Matt Lloyd and Mobe

My first encounter with Mobe was through an ad on Facebook which appeared right in the middle of a political discussion. It stuck out because it had absolutely nothing to do with what we were discussing at the time.Long story short…I was intrigued  by the initial website,decided to look into it further.
The single biggest draw for me was Matt Lloyd’s claims that his leads were superior to everyone else’s and that he used his own lead sources to generate massive sales. That turned out to be a lie. and didn’t yield a single affiliate sale for me. I invested $14,000 in his ‘clicks’ alone.
When I first realized I had been scammed was after I had already made the investment into his highest program …’The Diamond Affiliate’…..($60,000).
He sent out an invitation to be a part of alive webinar training for Diamonds only that he was supposedly going to personally present. In that invitation he stated that “If you are serious you need to be prepared to invest a minimum of $10,000 per month in my leads until you begin to see results.” He NEVER mentioned this requirement before.
I knew then that this was a scam but, it was too late, he already had my money!
If his leads are so great, why would I need to invest tens of thousands of dollars ‘more’ to purchase more leads in order to get results ?!
If I had tens of thousands of dollars per month to invest in a business, I wouldn’t need that business because I would already have a lot of money !
One year ago I had zero debt,  excellent credit ,and access to over $85,000 in credit lines. I borrowed 95% of the money I used to invest in Mobe. I am now in over $74,000 debt ,flat broke , and my credit score has gone from 802 to 411 all because of Mobe.
Needless to say ,my life has taken a drastic turn for the worst…and I am very depressed most days!
I want my money back from Matt Lloyd and this scam of a business so I can get my life back !

If you have been a victim of Mobe, please email or

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Despite Prior Felony Convictions, Con Woman Wendy Stevens Continues Defrauding Victims


Despite her prior convictions, con woman Wendy Stevens is still actively deceiving people, and swindling them out of large amounts of money. Stevens has been previously convicted on fraud and forgery felonies, but it was announced today that she is still successfully conning victims without regret.


To date, convicted felon Wendy Stevens has already taken advantage of many victims, establishing false trust, and conning them out of money. Stevens collects money upfront, and then disappears without fulfilling her promises or tax obligations. If confronted, she adamantly refuses to offer refunds or do anything to correct the situation and do right by her victims. Stevens lives a life of stolen wealth, and there is seemingly no plan for her to stop defrauding people through lies, theft, and deceit.