Albino Ferret Lovers

I responded to an ad on Facebook for someone who was selling baby ferrets. The name of the Facebook page was Albino Ferret Lovers (NOT to be confused with Albino Ferret Lovers and Owners, which is a legitimate page).

After the payment was made I was told that I would get an email with shipping details. I received an email from a place that tuned out to be a fake shipping company called Nezah Global Shipping. Nezah Global Shipping had their own webpage. The site for Nezah Global Shipping appeared at first glance ap to be legitimate. When I received the invoice/shipping info., it listed my information as the recipient, but did not list any physical address for the seller. All it listed for the seller was a name (probably not a real name), that it was sent from Virginia (again, probably a lie), and the same number I was given to text for information, 540-999-5085. The ad on Facebook listed a phone number to text, but I never actually spoke to anyone. The text I got from the fake shipper came from the following number, 262-872-0820.

After I received the fake shipping information I received a text message from the shipper (who appeared and sounded just like the seller) demanding $600 for “cargo insurance” ($300 per ferret) or they could not deliver the ferrets. The whole transaction went downhill from there.

I have reported this fraud to my financial institutions (the “transaction” involved two banks, however, since I reported the fake Albino Ferret Lovers page, I have found multiple other Facebook pages that appear to be the same individual(s). Fake Facebook pages with names like ferrets for Adoption Near Me and Ferret Pets for sale. I have included a long list of some of the emails that are involved below. Some of the pictures on the page that scammed me, Albino Ferret Lovers, and pictures used on these other pages, were exactly the same. I have a plethora of information for anyone that might be able to help me (e.g. the police, Attorney General, etc…), but getting help is very difficult. And it is likely that these jerks are not even in the United States where I live and likely using disposable burner phones. However, there need to be stopped so they will not continue to keep scam people and steal hard earned money from people who had to work for it..

Country United States
State Florida
City Ellenton
Address 804 Manatee Ave
Phone 941 321 1267

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