First Investment Company

Taslim leads a financial fraud and scamming network operation in conjunction with Bader M Al Qattan.

Taslim claims to be a financial consultant and Bader, a CEO of First Investment Company. They have presented false and fabricated documents. And, have repeated DEFAULTED on their contractual obligations nor would they refund any of the payment and incurred losses.

Taslim and Bader, both are utilizing third party individually owned Bank accounts to receive the requested funds (under the names of, Mohammed Abdulai, Fuseini Musah, Antoine Gbedjinou, Ahmed Abdalla Abdalla). Taslim and Bader confirmed as the payments were received.

They have received payments almost three years ago and the last one was May of 2020. Taslim has proven himself to be a fraud, scammer and thief, and operating out of Dubai, where he holds a UAE immigrant status as he claimed but also holds a British Passport. Bader is a UAE citizen, and his claimed company is base out of Kuwait, but he presented documents noted the company also operates out of Dubai, UAE. Both of their pictured IDs can be made available.

Address: Bader Mohammed Al Qattan; Chair & CEO of First Investment Company LLC

P. O. Box 306, Al Hamra Tower, Floor 68; Sharq; Dubai, UAE

eMail:, Website:

Phone: (9712) 68115222, (9712) 68121677, (9712) 20800288

Taslim Khondakar; CLION Financing Group

Business Address: 2306 The Exchange Tower Happiness Street, Dubai, UAE

Home Address: Dubai, UAE

eMail:; Phone:

Please be aware of these Criminal networks.

Country Kuwait
City Kuwait City
Address 68th floor East Al Hamra Tower
Phone 1804050

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