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The george donnelly sunset league opened in 1919 and has been harboring scumbags ever since. The league likes to consider itself a premier summer baseball league, but basically, its just full of division 3, intramural, rec-league players, and washed-up never-weres, that are mostly clowns, scumbags and criminals and they just gathered together and said “we’re premier!”, “we’re the best players!”, and “we’re all friends and we decided we’re important so it must be true!” and want all of you to believe its true….but its not. Basically, rhode island in a NUTshell.

Started by Dr. Peter Integlia and Aurthor Leland, the league has endured all kinds of scandal, including a tenure of being run by a clown named ronald mcdonald (really, thats his name) and being run today by another clown, chris larose. chris larose is the brother of former providence college pitcher, turned university of rhode island(uri) pitching coach, turned division 3 johnson and wales university head coach john larose; a complimentary clown to former uri player and head coach, frank leoni, who is solely responsible for destroying the careers of countless baseball players at uri (with respect to the few talented players at uri, he f*cked with the talented ones), william and mary, the necbl, and marthas vinyard collegiate summer league, but not at division 3 marymount, where they just got tired of him messing up good players careers and instead of disciplining him, or banning him from ever coaching again, they just sent him somewhere where he couldnt screw with peoples careers because they arent talented enough. Not offensive. True.

Leoni also played in the george donnelly sunset league on a team called the town dock mariners, where, under the guidence of the late scumbag al alverez, would continues to attempt to destroy the careers of the same players he had put so much work into destroying in college if that player attempted to show him up in the league. And to call these guys on the town dock mariners scumbags is no easy feat, because the mariners also suited up a 3rd degree sex offender, former teacher and meatball pitcher, richard lalime.

Leoni would also populate the league with some of his college players and spread them out to other teams in the league to further spread his covid-like infection to scouts and others. Such as former uri second baseman slash shortstop, “spicy” jeff pallotta. Nicknamed “spicy” by his college teamates for his love of the subway spicy italian sandwich, pallotta would have been better off bringing a footlong to the plate with him than a bat and potato chip bag with him onto the field instead of a glove. All in all considered though, these are minor problems for jeff, as his birth defective mouth is a signal to all that see him that “there just isnt something right with that boy”. paling around with good pal, and fellow division 3234234 north providence high school teammate and gopher-ball server, kenny voller, and steroid (at the very least) abuser and providence (ri) cop, paul swinson, whos eyes constantly appear strung out and wide open, like heroin user after just taking a hit, yeah, “like”, pallotta conveniently enough ended up on the right team in the newport sunset league, R&R construction, (like he should be doing for a living instead of accounting at mental health facilities where he contaminates the organization with toxic lies about individuals so that they will be brought in and diagnosed with mental health conditions that will hopefully be enough to keep that individual from surpassing him, and others, like leoni and dom coro, in baseball. how rhode island! But why stop there when you can use cops affiliated with the league and play in the league to falsify charges against innocent individuals they dont want to succeed, or even physically assault or try to break the arm of players with some of your underworld buddys, say from federal hill in providence, ri.) with team manager, and f*ck it, why not, player forever, too, dom coro.

Nobody has milked more out of the george donnelly sunset league than scumbag domenic “dom” coro, and for that matter, his brother,scumbag jerry coro, and Im sure his boys now playing in the league will milk it for all its worth, too. Probably living in the ally under the right field multi-families when there isnt a game, dom coro has spent more of his adult life with this league than anything else….aside from burying players in the league for his own benefit, that is.

A favorite of dom coro is to have a scout come to a game to see a player that the scout is interested in, but that coro doesnt like, and just before the game, coro has that player switch uniform numbers with another player he does want the scout to see so that the scout thinks hes looking at the player he came to see, but instead, he is looking at the player coro wants to be seen, probably because some kind of payoff or shady undertaking took place. Its classic sunset league. Its classic rhode island.

But so stupid are they, especially inclusive of dom coro, that they dont even realize that who they are trying to hide, who they are trying to not be seen, is already well known to not only that scout, but to other scouts, nationwide, and to Major League Baseball itself. Which starts its own investigation in itself. Idiots.

dom coro will probably be on that field with his walker and his wheelchair still playing, taking time away from players that need innings and need to be seen, until the day he collapses and no doubt already has a plot picked out somewhere under the scoreboard where his last wish will be to have a glove mounted to his tombstone and to continue to write him into the lineup everynight so that someone more deserving doesnt take his spot….or even worse….win a game he wasnt in the lineup for. Pathetic. What a loser, huh, jeff.

But if you havent had your fill of scumbaggery yet, the george donnelly sunset league once again proves it has NO standards when it comes to people who are in their clique, as with former bishop hendricken high school all-stater, minor league washout, convicted felon, and george donnelly sunset league player, chris costantino, whos father allan costantino, owns venda ravioli on mafia stronghold, federal hill in providence, rhode island, and if you havent guessed, a know mafia hangout. chris costantino was charged with felony illegal gambling and drugs in association with the mafia and if you check the lineup card, he’ll probably be out there tonight and theyll be proud to have him. Tells you all you need to know.

Also included in this corruption are former community college of rhode island head baseball coach and cranston city councilor, kenneth ken hopkins and his sons who have polluted various levels of baseball in rhode island. Anthony “fic” ficoceli who is tied in with dom coro and the whole north providence scumbag clan and former uri players steve cote, chris rothemitch, steve major, and steroid user from pawtucket, pat “freebird” freeman.

Dont think these people can and have attempted to ruin others careers and lives….think again.

When you think about it, the george donnelly sunset league is classic rhode island. It shows you everything you think you should be seeing, presented in a way you expect it to be seen, but all of it is scumbaggin’ bullsh*t.

Dont waste your money or your time to be deceived.

Country United States
State Alabama
City 02840
Address 20 America’s Cup Ave
Phone 401-845-6832

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