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I checked in having made a reservation in advance online using their website, and I arrived close to the 3:00pm check in time. I was told by that manager that my room was not ready yet and they were behind schedule in cleaning. I said no problem and asked if a room on floor 3 could be given to me and she said yes.

It was only a few minutes to wait and I agreed and paid beyond the number of days that California law requires in order to waive the transient lodging tax. The manager misrepresented that fact and the law to me indicating that my stay, even though I agreed to book beyond the transient threshold, would have her bill me for taxes. In effect she is wrong for three reasons, the actual date at which the taxes drop off, the fact I could book additional days and avoid them, and fact doing any of that makes me not required to pay them to her.

Since they don’t go to the state and are my monies, where are they? This was and is sleight of hand. I was also told I’d need to pay a $100 deposit. I agreed and booked the room knowing something is wrong.

I entered the room to find a number of problems that were done maliciously by the housekeeper and would then indicate that such vandalism would preclude me making a deposit payment, and by that not need to wait for them to vandalize and dirty the room for me. FRESH Cigarette ash and some kind of dribbly goober all over the top of the fridge.

The wall mounted TV was on and I found that the remote was not working to turn it off. The batteries were installed wrong and the battery cover was jammed 1/2 on and 1/2 off the remote. The floor was not mopped and made your feet black in a short period of time. A number of long black hairs, not mine, were adorned and applied in the bathroom being placed:

One draped over the shower handle likely done to later form a guillotine for private parts in case I was not keen enough to spot it right away.

A number of same such long black hairs draped or applied to the ceiling near the sprinkler outlet, as well as some plastered to other vertical wall surfaces in the bathroom.

This is malice. I also found that the ceiling vent has been damaged, and not connected in that the vent fan is inoperable. One of the cooktop burners was not plugged in, I had to repair the unit myself after inspecting it. The toilet has damage to it and plugs far too easily. Again another case to say a deposit would be waived. The AC/Heat unit emits a strong smell of urine likely being from a problem with materials used in it, or some other form of damage to it.

They did a cleaning over three days of all units and this did NOT remedy the problem.

So this is an intrinsic problem of the units and not a problem of them being soiled. The deposit monies and tax monies and it seems the days paid, are theft. At this location are instantiated devices being use to harass, harm, and otherwise abuse guests in that noises and sounds made on, around, or near the property and in the rooms are being:

1) Amplified and replayed into the room making them FAR too loud.

2) Sampled and used to shake or otherwise send impulses into the floors to feed the sound back mechanically.

This does things such as shake your bed violently when in it. Has the chair you are sitting in smash into you as you sit in it.

A housekeeper made some noise outside my room in the fire exit stairwell, and this caused an oscillation to be induced into their “Abuse System” likely since it shook the fire door she had partly opened, and this fed back to cause the transducers to repeat the motion based on that event, and this made the door make noise again, and the problem fed forward this way.

I thought the building would collapse and it scared her. I knew what it was, she may not have.

This was many complete cycles, more than ten, and it went on for over one second. NOT GOOD. People slamming car doors outside in the lot, I am on floor 3, are far too loud, deafening in fact, and my floor/bed shakes when they do this. Impossible unless this is being done with intent by design and by a device and artifice.

Keep in mind there are concrete walkways on the exterior balcony and we use these to enter our rooms on floor 2 and 3 and these shake along with the floors etc. There are other various harmful effects. Cigarette and dope smoke comes into and fills the bathroom with stench all the time.

I was overcome and went to pass out one day as Carbon Monoxide gas built up in the bathroom. I was able to rush out of the room to keep from hitting my head onto the toilet as I went to fall. Elevator was out of service for 8 days during my short stay. This is a common sense out of biz problem for these criminals.

Country United States
State California
City Fresno
Address 3460 W Shaw Ave
Phone 1 559-277-8700

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