Jessica Limphi Parker

Back in early March I was reached out to by Jeasica Limphi Parker. Her username was trade_with_jess. I was telling her about my pervious experience with another scammer for bitcoin. So I started to invest with her. I was told that my mining period would be about 2 weeks. After the 2 weeks were over, I was told I had to be for a fee to withdrawal. So I went ahead followed the procedure and paid the fee. Going on for 3 months of excuses. I reached out to the company for help.

They told me to reach back out to my broker. I was hesitant about it because I have been experiencing problems every time for a withdrawal. Eventually I demanded the company to look into it. Turns out she was redirecting funds into her personal account. Over $16000 was sent to her personal account. So I had my small initial investment and that it. Now, mind you I have asked, begged, and pleaded with them to do an investigation a month ago. Now the “company” said they took over my account. I could NEVER get a name or number as to who is now working on my account.

I was told my remaining balance is $1000 to receive my funds. So I broke that into payments. I sent over $3000 and recieve the confirmation of “payment sent”. A day goes by and I was told now to send another $2000 in a matter of 5 days or else they would close my account. I fought, begged, pleaded, showed valid proof of them stating payment sent and what was the purpose of me sending $3000 to be “considered” for a withdrawal instead of just sending it.

Country Germany
City am Main
Address Mainzer Landstrade 50
Phone 324 602 15204

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