Johnson Private Lending

Johnson Alan of Johnson Private Lending first contacted me back in February 2020 through the website My company is new and in search of funding. Johnson reached out and began a conversation. Over the coming weeks Johnson and I discussed loan options but were never able to agree on anything, he wanted $70,000 for closing costs, so I passed and continued my search. Johnson continued to remain in contact, about once a month. In late July 2020 Johnson contacted me again and mentioned he may be able to structure the loan so that I could cover the closing costs.

We negotiated for several days and agreed upon an amount, $500. I paid that amount as I agreed but Johnson came back and said the was another amount to be paid, $300. I paid the second amount also. Johnson came back again claiming some other fee needed to be paid, $600. Each time promising that there was no other fee’s or hidden costs. Reluctantly, I paid this “last” fee. Again, no funding was transferred. At this point Johnson came back with an absolutely bogus claim saying and “excise tax” needed to be paid for a business loan. I knew it wasn’t true. I told him to put his words in a legal binding agreement that my legal counsel could review and if everything looked OK, we would sign it and move on.

The agreement said in generic terms that all money paid would be enough to cover the closing costs and if the lender wasn’t able to fulfill any part of his agreement, he could be held criminally liable for any cost’s or damages. Johnson, under contract agreed to fund the loan by 10am 8/12/2020, the next morning. Again, Johnson failed to keep his word which is now on a legally binding contract signed by both parties. I’ve attempted to reach Johnson on more than several attempts, to no avail. It is my personal belief that Johnson is running a fraudulent funding company with the sole purpose to collect monetary gain under false promises.

Country United States
State Colorado
City Northglenn
Address 11801 Washington St. Apt# I307
Phone 513-466-0484

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