LivingSocial — Set of mink lashes and one touch-up

I purchased a voucher to Lash Artist Academy for a set of mink lashes and one touch-up ($185 value) on November 22, 2013, for my elderly mother. She didn’t want to use it after discovering that she would be a guinia pig for students learning how to do lashes. Later, I attempted to use it for before a special event, but the company went out of business. I reached out to to exchange the voucher. They would not accommodate my request. Instead, they referred me to Lashes on Broadway who informed me that I’d have to pay nearly $100 to get the full set. I couldn’t afford it. Twice in the past 2-3 years, I called to see if the new company would let me get a full set. Both times, I was told that someone would look into the matter and call me back. No one ever did. One day, while in San Juan Capistrano, I noticed the shop next to Ruby’s Diner, so I went in. I asked to speak to the manager. The girl at the counter sneared at me even though I didn’t do anything to provoke it. Then, I heard her mocking me to another lady. I did share with her that it was not nice of her to do. Rather than apologize for her behavior, she huddled with the lady again and openly laughed. I heard one of them say “Vaca Gorda, ” which means fat cow. I don’t know what caused them to be so rude to me. I was so upset and humiliated, that I left and never went back. I’m going to attend a special event and need to get a set of lashes again. Due to how they treated me, I do not want to go there. Plus, it’s closed due to the pandemic. I paid $90+ and got nothing for it. I would, once again, like to ask for a credit towards another purchase.

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