Nexon America, Inc.

I had NEVER heard of this Company before, well until yesterday (09/01/2020) morning when 7 unauthorised transactions were made to my debit card within 10:07am-10:17am.

4 were for $107.25, 3 were for $53.63 totaling $589.89!

Those transactions were not authorized, I was hoping it was some type of error.. But the transactions went from ‘Pending’ to ‘Cash Purchases’ by 11pm..

Nexon doesn’t have any customer service options at all, I’ve tried anything & everything possible to reach someone ALL DAY..

Every email address & phone number I could find..

Not a single answer, Nothing!

$589.89 may not be much to them but chump change but to me & mine that $589.89 is what keeps a roof over our heads!!

Country United States
State California
City El Segundo
Address 621 Hawaii St
Phone 213 858 5930

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