Peterson Amanda

Amanda peterson evicts our family and many other familes in the middle of the pandemic. One of or family members had very terirble covid-19 during this time. She force us to sign a letter to leave the apartment and for that she will not report anything to our credit.

As soon as we left she reported it shame on you amanda you are evicting people against the law. You are getting money from the government for those tenents and you still evict them. She did this to many tenets that were scared and had no other choice but to leave to a shelter. Amanda peterson is a lier and does not care about people or the community that have been there for over 5 years. She only cares about her target numbers she needs to hit for the company.

Another thing is we reported to the community for months about a very bad mold issue in the apartment and nothing was done she kept blowing us off we even brought a company to do test and paid out of our pocket hundreds of dollars and the test showed mold in all the rooms and our children have asthma and as a result of nothing done about the mold till this day we are suffering health issues due to the mold

The came and just painted over the mold thinking people are not educated

Country United States
State Florida
City Aventura
Address 3100 NE 190th St
Phone (305) 933-3375

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