Store called QTQQT E- Commerce store QTQQT Store Brahmin* QTQQT Made purchase for 22.27. Ordered 7 items supposed to be brahmin handbags. Piad expedieted shipping and handling for 12.99. Tok 2 months to recieve items. Only received 2 but they were fake knockoffs that were extremely horrible quiality. I email befored I purchased ask if they were real brahmin. I figured the company was real because they advertise on Facebook with a strong following. in less than a month thiere page went from 152ooo.oo likes to 231 likes. When i sent them multiple emails they continue to play games. They changed thier name on paypal as well.

Now they are not responding to emails. they had the Audacity to tell me that i needed to return the two fake items and they they would give me my money back.

I am reporting them to everyone I can think of including Brahmin.

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  • They are real scammers for sure. I’ve trying to contact them for over a month to cancel my order, which I have not received since August 2020, and want a full refund. I have contacted PayPal to try and resolve this.

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