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Visit for more info about Mathew Charnay Scam.

Mathew Charnay Wanted by LAPD for stealing from companies and individuals.

On January 9th 2014 LAPD officers entered the 23rd floor of the 10250 Constellation Place in Century City, CA 90067 to arrest Mathew Charnay but once again he disppeard from the law.

Be aware and do not do any kind of business with the conman and scam artist Mathew Charnay. Be aware and do not do any kind of business with iNDEXOR, Inc. International Development Expansion Organization and also with the iGROW Global Commerce Summit that are run by the conman Mathew Charnay.

If you have been a victim of the scam artist Mathew Charnay and if you have any information about where

Mathew Charnay is, you should contact Los Angeles Police department at 818-623-4016.

LAPD special detective is looking to arrest scam artist Mathew Charnay.

The following company name and phone numbers has been used by the conman Mathew Charnay.

iNDEXOR, Inc.International Development Expansion Organization

United States Headquarters

Constellation Place

10250 Constellation Place, 23rd Floor

Century City, CA 90067


+1 (310) 770-4836

+1 (310) 579-2199 CENTURY CITY

+1 (917) 447-9160 NEW YORK

+1 (888) 342-5202 FAX



International Development Expansion Organization


Paris, France

31 Boulevard de Grenelle

Paris, Île-de-France, 75015, France


+33 9 77 19 88 04 PARIS

and also

iGROW Global Commerce Summit is one of Mathew Charnay’s scams.


Country United States
State California
City Century City,
Address 0250 Constellation Place, 23rd Floor
Phone (310) 579-2199

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