I rented a Toyota Prius one week before Christmas 2020 from Ucars for use as a rideshare vehicle. The advertised price was $249 until January 1st and would then go to $299 per week.

Picking up the vehicle was seamless and all I was charged was $249 as agreed to.

After driving the vehicle for a week I received my first bill and it was for $370! Way beyond anything we had discussed or agreed to. Unfortunately the bill arrive the day after Christmas and the weekend was coming so no one was available to return my calls or emails. I was sure it was a simple mistake and would be fixed on the first working day. Anxious to have the matter resolved I made several attempts to call and email Ucars but nobody responded the 1st working day. On the 2nd day I waited till mid afternoon before sending an additional email but this time I cc’ed the President of Ucars.

His only response was to all the other people in the email chain was to “quote the right price” and nothing more. After a series of back and forth with accounting I was told I would get an adjusted invoice, this did not happen. I continued to try to contact Ucars but did not receive any further replies. The next day the vehicle was remotely disabled thus costing me a work day. I had told Ucars the morning on the 3rd day (car disabled day) I was done and would be dropping of the vehicle. No longer possible with the car disabled.

All this ended on December 29th 2020 but since that time Ucars has made 5 separate Debit car debits against my check account with the last today, January 21st 2021

Do not trust this company with any of your financial details or for them to honor anything they say to you.

Country United States
State Arizona
City Tempe
Address 1414 W Broadway Rd #140
Phone 1 480-844-2454
Website www.ucarsaz.com/

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